Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It sure has been cowled!

I have been preparing clothes for Winter and recently made a top from Ottobre - Romantic Notes.  A lovely top to wear but a bit open at the neck for a really cold day (like we have been having lately).  I decided it was time to  crochet a cowl that I had seen on Ravelry and made the 'Baby it's cowled outside' cowl.  This is a free pattern and I am quite happy with how it came out.  

I used 2 balls of Patons Classic Bluebell.  This is 5 ply or sport weight so was a bit heavier than intended for this pattern.  It looked like it was going to be very stiff, so when I finished it I put it through a rinse with some vinegar and it softened it quite a bit.  (If you are on Ravelry.com, you can friend me there.  I am Quiltsewsewsue on Ravelry too.)

For the sewists, this is how I wore the whole outfit...

The Ottobre Romantic Notes top as mentioned earlier and my Burda 04-2011-117 pants - made here.

With a RTW dark brown cardigan I was ready for a cool day!

Plenty of sewing has been happening too. I have made 2 skirts, one turtleneck top and a vest for my son.  When photos happen I will show you the results!... Ciao!


  1. Certainly good weather for ducks & cowls. Looks lovely and cosy.

  2. Hilarious post title! :-)

    I love your cowl. What a clever girl you are with the yarn craft as well. I don't have the fortitude to knit or crochet lately. Perhaps I should get a project like that started for times when I'm waiting around. I've started packing any hand sewing for school pick up times, but there's not that much hand sewing to be done. Perhaps a simple yarn project would make a good traveling project.

    The whole outfit looks very stylish. I'm impressed! :-)


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