Monday, April 16, 2012

Bateau neckline top - Burda 02-2009-108

The Bateau neckline top that was a best pattern of 2009.  I have made this top before in 2009 (twice) and even though it is not a really difficult top to make, I think I have made it more successfully this time round.  My sewing has improved I think.

This time I made two versions a print and a plain ivory cotton/elastane, both with the 3/4 sleeve option.

The patterned fabric was stash fabric bought some time in the last few years (no blog record of buying this one).  It is a fairly lightweight fabric but has good cool weather colours so I thought it would work for the change of seasons and as a layering piece (until it gets really cold!)

 I am sooper happy with how this turned out.  Before I made this one, I made one in a recently purchased fabric from Lincraft.  It is a cotton/elastane mix - great quality, good ivory colour and sewed up beautifully, but did not photograph so well! :(

I tried to press it and the iron spit-up on it and now it looked worse than before it was pressed...

 I have sent it for a wash and think, once washed and pressed properly it will be a great basic in the wardrobe.

Since the last time I made it, I think I better understand how the neckline is sewn (before sewing the shoulder seams) and I added an extra step - top-stitching the shoulder seam toward the back so that it sits nicely.  I also left the sleeves alone - last time I lowered the sleeve cap.  I think it gives it a nice crisp shoulder line and is not all that hard to sew in the stretch fabric.  I did still sew the sleeves in before sewing the side/sleeve seams - can't see the point in 'setting in' a sleeve in a knit top.

I also (in the patterned top) hemmed the sleeve prior to sewing the sleeve seam.  On such a little opening it really makes sense.  I then sew the sleeve seam down for a few cms (at the opening) so that it sits nice and flat.  This is how Ottobre seems to do them and I think it worked well for this top.  I even looked at the RTW tee I am wearing today and that is how the sleeve hems are done as well!

Another infinity scarf.  This time rather than piecing scraps, I used a pattern -this one.  I did not make mine quite as wide.  I had one yard of fabric and basically cut it into half and made two scarves.  One is planned as a Mother's Day present for my Mum. The fabric I used is this one from Gorgeous fabrics - uber-soft rayon blend - a lovely soft, stretchy sweater knit (at least that is what I would call it).  I had bought this fabric previously in a different colour and loved it but when I ordered this piece I must have had a brain freeze as I only ordered one yard - not enough for anything I might want to make from this fabric!  This scarf was the answer!

This is such a quick simple make I plan to find some more suitable fabric and make a few more as gifts.

My Biegnet skirt's hem is re-sewn and I plan to blog it soon... Ciao kittens!


  1. I love that Burda top pattern, and am planning to make a few more versions for myself for this winter too, so thank you for sharing your extra steps - I'll definately give them a go.

  2. Both tops looks good Sue but I especially love the patterned one. But tell me...has Diana had a boob job or is it just the angle of the photo? :)

    1. It is the camera angle, but a girl can dream can't she?? :)

  3. Sue, I am delighted to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award! Check my blog for details if you don't know what this is about.
    I love reading what you are making and seeing the latest production number come off your sewing table!
    Stephanie Newman

  4. Sue, great tops, love them both and like you I plan to make more for the cooler months ahead. Thank you for the extra sewing tips.

  5. Gorgeous tops, Sue. I LOVE the print in your first one, but I can see how the plain one will be a workhorse in your wardrobe.

    Are you interested in coming down to Brisbane for a PR day out/lunch/shopping trip anytime soon? We could start talking about the potential PR weekend... :-)

  6. Nice tops. I haven't made this pattern up yet. Must push up higher on list. Actually better start on Good idea with checking RTW. And thanks for the tips.

  7. I love a bateau neckline. I'll have to remember to call them that...I have been using the less chic "boat neckline"

  8. I love this style but the only time I made this top I put clear elastic in the neckline and it pulls the shoulders in too much. I think I need to revisit this pattern so thanks for the reminder!

  9. I love the print fabric in the first top and the dark scarf looks fabulous with the plain top. I'm sure they look great on you.

  10. Sue - my favourite neckline - and a great top.

  11. Great tops for cool weather! The scarf is pretty too, just my color.


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